The Global Esports Federation announces the appointment of Sports Innovation Lab as Global Supporter, aimed at further enhancing the GEF’s mission to promote the credibility, legitimacy and prestige of esports. Through this global partnership, Sports Innovation Lab will develop the GEF’s global events portfolio, including the landmark GEFcon – the Global Esports Federation’s convention, thought-leadership and dialogue platform. “We are proud to welcome Sports Innovation Lab a

Global Events Portfolio

Gear up and join us in a host of events coming to you. Watch this space as we update you on how you can join us in our upcoming esports #worldconnected series this December, World Esports Tour, and Global Esports Games 2021. #esports #globalesportsgames #worldesportstour #GEF


Capping an historic announcement, the Global Esports Federation welcomes Japan-based publishers – Capcom Co., Ltd., Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Sega Group Corporation – as new Members of the GEF and as trailblazers of the recently announced Publishers and Developers Advisory Council (PDAC). “Nine months ago, the Global Esports Federation was established with a collective ambition to convene the world’s esports community. Our mission is to bring together the div


The Global Esports Federation (GEF) today announced a new strategic collaboration with Nielsen, the global leader in media measurement, valuation, data and insights. Through this alliance, Nielsen Sports will provide the GEF market research analysis, insights and data provisioning to amplify the value of the GEF and its efforts in convening the world’s esports ecosystem. “The collaboration with Nielsen offers the Global Esports Federation access to best practice measurement m

GEF new strategic partner: ARESF

The Global Esports Federation announces a strategic partnership with the Arab Esports Federation (ARESF). Following the recent landmark announcement with the Olympic Council of Asia, this latest partnership will see the GEF expand its in-depth work to support the continuing dynamic growth of the esports ecosystem in the Arab region and Africa. This frameworks agreement formalizes the commitment to work together to promote, support and develop the esports ecosystem, specifical

The Global Esports Federation welcomes International Federations

The Global Esports Federation welcomes International Federations – World Karate Federation, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (World Pentathlon), and International Canoe Federation – as members. The GEF has now confirmed eight International Federations – more than 70 Member Federations – sharing the collective mission to bridge the connection between sport, esports and virtual sport – powered by innovative technology. “The addition of new International Federation mem

6 months of progress: 54 Member Federations

The GEF confirmed 63 members, comprising Member Federations, International Federations and strategic partners, bridging the connection between esports, active esports and traditional sport. The Board discussed and confirmed the strategy and approach for the annual flagship Global Esports Games, which will be announced shortly. “We believe that the future of esports continues to be bright and look forward to embarking on the next phase of growth and development,” added Chan. “

6 Months of Progress

The Global Esports Federation Board, meeting in full to cap the organization’s dynamic first six months, highlighted milestone achievements including several landmark partnerships and confirmed key next-phase priorities. “Congratulations to the GEF Board and the 70 Commission members at the GEF for their considerable contributions during this unprecedented time,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “The GEF Board, through the collective energy and expertise

ODESUR is a new strategic partner of GEF

The Global Esports Federation has formed a strategic partnership with ODESUR to spearhead South American esports. Chris Chan, President of the Global Esports Federation said: "We look forward to jointly develop a sustainable esports strategy that will convene and service the vibrant esports community in South America that boasts 228 million users in 2020. This latest agreement supports our mission and strengthens our effort in fostering great collaborations globally to elevat

Olympic Council of Asia has joined GEF

The Olympic Council of Asia has joined in collaboration with the Global Esports Federation to promote and develop esports across Asia. The OCA, with its 45 National Olympic Committees, represents 4.6 billion people, nearly 60 percent of the world’s population, including at least 700 million youth aged 15 to 24. #gef #oca

Song Luzeng as the new GEF Senior Advisor

The Global Esports Federation welcomes Olympic movement veteran Song Luzeng as the Senior Advisor to the Board. He brings with him close to 40 years of global experience in traditional sport to esports. “I am honored to take on this new opportunity and thank the GEF President and Board for entrusting me with this new mission.” ~ Song Luzeng. #gef

International Federations Advisory Council

The Global Esports Federation establishes International Federations Advisory Council (IFAC) and the Publishers and Developers Advisory Council (PDAC) as added impetus to bridge two worlds – esports and sport – to jointly develop avenues to advance the opportunities for esports. #gef


The Global Esports Federation and Tencent Esports launched the #worldconnected initiative at the 2020 Global Esports Summit in Hainan China to facilitate greater dialogue within the esports community, bridging the connection between esports, virtual and traditional sports. We welcome the support for the initiative from leading global publishers – Tencent, Riot Games, Supercell, and Smilegate. #gef #worldconnected

Want to be the best? Then don't forget to stretch

Want to be the best? Then don't forget to stretch. Dr Melita Moore M.D shares the importance of stretching, posture and cooling down on your esports journey. Reduce the risk of injuries by stretching before during and after a gaming session. Focus on your back, neck, legs, wrists and hands for maximum impact and remember that good posture = better gameplay. #gef