Developing esports

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Alloy Sport Management is a company that meet the knowledge of a big number of stakeholders with long term experience in management of sports events, expertise with International Federations, Confederations and Sports Organisations, advertising, rights management and producing and broadcasting.



Mediasport Group is an editorial tv company that born some years ago on the basis of the experience of some entrepreneurs. It broadcasts in all over the Europe, managing two satellite channels and different web channels.

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Esport Academy in cooperation and under guidelines of WSU & GAAPSF Esports Committee integrates competition and performance, scientific and technological innovation, competitive sports, leisure sports, forum activities, education and training. Esport Academy links up top game developers, enriches network platforms, matches international electric sports venues and leisure sports centers, and is stationed in authoritative sports brand competitions and audio-visual carnivals, realizing the gathering of electric sports industry and entrepreneurship, leading the diversified development path of combining electronic sports with digital entertainment, creating local business cards and enabling. High-tech industry promotes the integration and development of public sports and esports industry.