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6 months of progress: 54 Member Federations

The GEF confirmed 63 members, comprising Member Federations, International Federations and strategic partners, bridging the connection between esports, active esports and traditional sport. The Board discussed and confirmed the strategy and approach for the annual flagship Global Esports Games, which will be announced shortly.

“We believe that the future of esports continues to be bright and look forward to embarking on the next phase of growth and development,” added Chan. “In addition to creating a convening platform for a safe, inclusive and healthy esports ecosystem, we aim for global collaborations encouraging and showcasing innovation and the responsible use of technology for good.”

The Global Esports Federation proudly draws on a diverse range of experience and expertise from the worlds of esports and sport to elevate the future of esports, bringing the global community together through a #worldconnected.


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