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New Partnership: GEF and ISF!

On 27 October 2020, ISF, represented by the ISF President Mr Laurent Petrynka, signed a cooperative agreement with the Global Esports Federation (GEF), represented by the GEF President Mr Chris Chan, with an intention to work together to develop the ISF esports strategy as a catalyst for social benefit of youth.

Both parties agreed to work together towards a common goal of developing a sustainable esports strategy for the ISF Gymnasiade Jinjiang 2020 and other ISF events, including the development of partnerships and promotional opportunities.

The agreement also includes development of the initiatives that harness and elevate the principles and values of commitment to education, equality, fair play, diversity, inclusion and innovation, especially among school-aged youth.

Laurent Petrynka, ISF President, stated: "The agreement with Global Esports Federation (GEF) allows us to promote new opportunities and new ways of practising sport for the young generation. This cooperation will contribute to the youth empowerment by uniting esports with physical activity.

“The Global Esports Federation is committed to create a strong, safe, inclusive and healthy esports ecosystem that celebrates and inspires youth – for us, nothing is more important,” remarked Chris Chan, GEF President. “The partnership with International School Sport Federation will realize the undeniable power of sport elevated with technology, bringing youth to sport and sport to youth, and utilising the energy of esports as a catalyst for all kinds of social connection.”

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